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Gemstones for Sale: Shipping Natural Gemstones Worldwide

Natural Gemstones for Sale | GemSelect


Delivering natural gemstones with authentic photos and accurate description to your doorstep since 2003


Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Everthing about researching and ordering from Gemselect was easy and uncomplicated. In the past I had payment problems, but your customer rep, Thomas, helped me get everything right. I will continue using Gemselet in the future for these reasons.

Posted By WildwillyfromArizona in August, 2023

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Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

I have been buy from you for years

Posted By JohnA in May, 2023

Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Very good, very fast, everything as described.

Posted By B in October, 2023

Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Love Gem select. great gems for the price. Can't beet them

Posted By Apps in September, 2023

Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Easy to use,I have spent many hours looking at the site

Posted By Skip in November, 2023

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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Very excited and impressed with all your products. Keep up the good work....more different stones to choose from. I like Cabachons.

Posted By Meow in June, 2023

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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

i made an order in 2007 and was very pleased; it made into a lovely ring. i found a large citrine locally, and now needed some accent stones.

Posted By Morgana zanos in March, 2023

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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

The website is well organized and works fast forward and back. Plenty of filters. Each gem is described in detail and you receive the one pictured. Gem material info and sources available. I would like to see more specifics on sources besides country- at least region or state and in the US with Turquiose which mine. Thanks!

Posted By Orchidisle in February, 2024

Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

The website was very easy to navigate. We appreciated the details about each gem, and the sort and search features of the website were helpful and easy to use.

Posted By AV in May, 2023

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GemSelect Partners and Trust

Enjoy the Largest Online Shop for Natural Gemstones


Explore a World of Gems

Our collection includes an array of natural gemstones ranging from well-known precious stones like sapphire, diamond, ruby, and emerald to unique and beautiful semi-precious options. It includes faceted, cabochon and carved gemstones. Each gemstone possesses its character, color, and charm, allowing you to find the perfect piece that speaks to you.

Gemstones for Sale: A Unique Opportunity

Looking for that special gem without breaking the bank? Our exclusive sale on precious and semi-precious gemstones provides an opportunity to own exquisite gems at a fraction of the price. Even a blue sapphire can be affordable in certain tones or from certain locations. Whether you are a collector, jeweler, or simply an admirer of beautiful stones, our sale offers an unrivaled selection.

Loose Gemstones: For Customized Jewelry

For those with an eye for design, loose gemstones provide the freedom to create personalized jewelry. From pendants to engagement rings, choose the size, shape, and type of the loose stones to craft a piece that is uniquely yours. Colored gemstones are perfect for a ring, pendant or in earrings.

Invest in Precious Gemstones

With the value of gemstones often appreciating over time, purchasing precious gems can be seen as a wise investment. Our expert team is on hand to guide you in selecting quality gemstones that not only captivate the eye but also hold lasting value.


The biggest selection of gemstone articles online. Find technical, historical, spiritual and much more details on almost any gemstone available. We cover virtually every topic surrounding gemstones. Free gemstone education is just one click away.

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