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Our first Newsletter of 2021

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it’s a good one. Let’s face it, it will be difficult to be as bad as 2020 was!

The world still turns, the sun will rise tomorrow and all these troubles must come to pass sooner or later. The vaccine is here, there is a worldwide determination to create a better world for us all and think how wonderful we will feel when we are free to travel and socialize as much as we like.

However, it appears that remote working conditions will continue a bit longer so those video conferences and zoom calls are not over just yet. This has led to a bit of a boom in ‘waist up’ fashions and that includes earrings, pendants, brooches and necklaces.

Those in the know have suggested adding a few colors that ’pop’ when on video, they can grab attention, be memorable and really elevate your look. Ideal colors include blue, purple, orange and yellow. (Green can also be great but can interfere with any special effects you may be using)

It depends on what type of business you are in and your personality but in a professional setting it is probably not a good idea to wear large flashy jewelry items. Avoid jangly and noisy stacked bracelets as the noise can be distracting.

Stud earrings always look classy and sophisticated and there is no danger of getting them tangled up in headphones or ear pieces. Brooches can be a very versatile accessory as it can be neatly placed anywhere on our outfits and add a splash of color and personality.

We have put together a few gemstones that we know look fantastic on video.

Blue Turquoise

These cool blue-green gemstones exude poise and worldliness and the blue color suggests honesty, dependability and trust. The blue color of turquoise helps facilitate great communication.

Turquoise Gemstones
Shop Turquoise Gemstones

Purple Amethyst

The color purple has always been associated with royalty, luxury and wisdom but it can also inspire a harmonious atmosphere. Its calming and soothing spiritual power will also settle any ‘on camera’ nerves you may have.

Amethyst Gemstones
Shop Amethyst Gemstones

Yellow Citrine

Yellow is always uplifting and cheerful, boosting confidence and optimism. The deep yellow to orange citrine has always been a gemstone for creating business – it was known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’.

Buy Citrine Gemstones
Shop Citrine Gemstones

Orange Garnet

Orange means optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. With those three flowing, any video meeting is going to go well. Spiritually orange hessonite garnet gemstones brought success and good fortune.

Buy Orange Garnet Gemstones
Shop Orange Garnet Gemstones

2021 pantone Colors of the year

Pantone has announced its ‘Colors of the Year’ for 2021. The influential company, which introduced its color matching system in the 1960s, has come up with two colors for the coming year:

- Illuminating (yellow)

- Ultimate Gray

These are the colors that they feel reflect the emotions of the coming year – optimism and hope for the yellow and dependability and resilience for the gray.

The colors that Pantone chooses will surely end up on the walls of homes, on furniture, baggage, shoes, handbags and, of course, the clothes we wear.

The last few years have seen the Apple release an iPhone in the same shade as the current year’s color.

Matching the exact Pantone color to a gemstone is a bit tricky – this is nature not a mixing lab – but I think we can manage it.

The gray is a quite straightforward choice – Spinel. This durable and historic gemstone comes in a variety of gray tones with what can be described as medium violet gray being the most similar to the Pantone color but they are all very close.

Buy Spinel Gemstones
Shop Spinel Gemstones

The yellow is a bit trickier. The ‘Illuminating’ yellow has been described by Pantone as sunny, optimistic, and sparkling with vivacity so my first assumption is certainly the lighter shades of Citrine. Citrine is also known as a spiritually positive and cheerful stone so that tallies, too.

Buy Spinel Gemstones
Shop Spinel Gemstones

Another yellow gemstone with a very similar color is the Yellow Beryl. Beryl is a very prestigious gemstone with the likes of emerald, aquamarine and morganite found it the family tree. The yellow version has a tough durability and a wonderful brilliance but being less well-known can be bought at very reasonable prices.

Buy Yellow Bery Gemstones
Shop Yellow Bery Gemstones

A quick reminder that Garnet is the January birthstone. It is one of the most versatile gemstones around, available in most colors and with prices that range from the bargain to the extravagant.

See our garnet product page here.


I absolutely love Hiddenite. Does it have any connection to the town Hiddenite?


The town Hiddenite (North Carolina) does indeed have a connection with the gemstone Hiddenite. Contrary to some belief, the town was in fact named after the gemstone and not the other way around! In 1879, while in search of platinum for Thomas Edison's light bulbs, exploration geologist William E. Hidden came across a green variety of spodumene, which he then sent to chemist and mineralogist J. Lawrence Smith for identification. Upon correctly identifying this variety, Smith named it in honor of Hidden in 1881. The town of Hiddenite, North Carolina (the community where the mineral variety was first discovered) was so named in 1913.


What is a fancy colored sapphire?


A sapphire with a color any other than blue or red is called a fancy colored sapphire (when it is red it is known as ruby).

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Everyone please stay safe

Happy Gemstone Hunting!

Team GemSelect

  • First Published: January-04-2021
  • Last Updated: January-04-2021
  • © 2005-2021 all rights reserved. Reproduction (text or graphics) without the express written consent of (SETT Company Ltd.) is strictly prohibited.
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