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Gemstone Carvings

Gemstone Carvings

A gemstone carving is simply any gemstone which has been cut into a decorative shape often into animals, flowers, leaves, faces and figures or into sculpted motifs or designs.

For religious, spiritual, practical and aesthetical reasons, some gemstones are carved into beautiful fancy carvings by skilled craftsmen that can be used for jewelry or decoration.

Our gemstone carvings are hand made from all-natural gemstones.

Most gemstones are either facet or cabochon cut making gemstone carvings rare and special.

Faceted gemstones can come in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, square and octagon but basically they have flat tops with polished faces cut at regular angles to create brilliance and fire by reflecting light. Faceted gemstones tend to be transparent.

Cabochons are shaped and polished into dome shapes with flat bottoms. Rather than emphasize a gemstone's sparkle like a facet it will enhance the color. Before modern techniques were developed to cut the flat planes and sharp edges found in faceted gemstones, most gems were cabochons.

Take a look at our glossary of gemstone shapes here.

What are the spiritual benefits of Gemstone Carvings?

Gemstone Carvings can be spiritually powerful in a couple of ways. First of all we have the strengths and powers of the gemstone itself - the amethyst, citrine, sapphire, moonstone and so on - with all their individual meanings and benefits.

Then we have the spiritual symbolism of the shape that the gemstone is carved into.

Many gemstones are carved into animals and each animal represents a number of virtues, for example:

  • Elephants - Commitment, Power, Wisdom, Longevity
  • Fish - Good Luck, Miracles, Prosperity and Insight
  • Birds - Enlightenment, Foresight and Readiness
  • Turtles - Long Life, Perseverance and Determination

Flowers are also commonly carved into symbols of long life and fertility while certain types can mean different things:

  • Rose - Rebirth
  • Daisy - Innocence
  • Hyacinth - Peace

Another very popular carving is of leaves and they can represent many qualities:

  • Oak Leaves - Strength and Eternity
  • Laurel - Victory and Honor
  • Olive - Peace

We have an interesting article of the meanings of gemstones here

Or take a look at individual gemstones by using our search box. For example, type in Amethyst and a link to Amethyst Meaning and Powers will appear.

Gemstone Carving Price

The price of a gemstone carving is based on a number of factors.

First of all we have the gemstone itself. Clearly a carving made from a ruby is likely to be more expensive than one from a smoky quartz for example. The color, quality and size of the gemstone can affect the price of the carving dramatically.

Then we have the intricacy and complexity of the carving. The time involved in cutting will influence the price as will the amount of discarded and wasted gemstone material during cutting. Gem carving requires a lot of patience and a very delicate touch as one false move could result in a valuable gemstone broken or cracked.

A hand carved gemstone will be a unique work of art as opposed to a computer aided design. In addition, a skilled traditional craftsman will use grinding wheels, dop sticks, burs and drills while modern techniques include laser and water cutters.

Gemstone Carving History

The carving of various materials into figurines, animal or symbolic shapes is one of human being's earliest art forms. Archaeologists have discovered a number of female figures - often referred to as Venus - which are 40,000 years old and were probably some sort of fertility symbol.

Ancient craftsmen used flints, antlers and basic hammers in the early days and only softer types of stones or ivory could be successfully shaped. As civilization developed, stone was often carved into statues, monuments, hieroglyphics and steles and the use of precious gemstones for carving probably developed from there.

Gemstone carvings date back up to 5000 years BC with first the Hittites and Assyrians then the Egyptians and Greeks known to be very accomplished in the craft of gem carving.

Some of the earliest gemstones carvings we have are seals for rulers to authenticate official documents and amulets used for protection when fighting or traveling.

What jewelry are Gemstone Carvings suitable for?

Gemstone carvings can be used for many items of jewelry. Larger single pieces can make beautiful pendants or brooches, others can make eye-catching rings. Gemstone carvings are often found in pairs and matching lots so earrings become an excellent option as well as other multi-stone jewelry designs.

How to use Gemstone Carvings

Apart from use in jewelry, gemstone carvings can be used for decorative purposes around the house or the office. This can be just for their attractive looks but also for their spiritual power or to encourage positive Feng Shui energy.

Gemstone carvings can make excellent gifts. Flora and fauna lovers will appreciate the various designs from the animal kingdom and natural world. The spiritual will love the metaphysical powers that certain gemstones and shapes can bring. Many gemstone carvings use birthstones and combining a special carving with someone's birthstone can make a very personal birthday present.

Certified Customer Reviews
Overall Rating -> 8 star ratings
Great experience, try them out. I recommend.
Posted By Deb W in March, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
A wonderful time selecting gems. I hope to buy more in the future.
Posted By Sponge in October, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
The stones i received were the exact ones in the pictures and they arrived much sooner than I expected!
Posted By TessVander in November, 2020
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I am so excited. I found a new online source for gem enhancements to my jewelry and wall art. These make my artwork affordable and I can use what I need at a decent price.
Posted By Rene in December, 2020
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I was originally looking to spend a lot more on an Alexandrite. please let me know if you have any i can purchase.
Posted By Jonathan C. in May, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
Multiple options of quality gemstones for competitive prices.
Posted By Missy G in August, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
Gemselect has good prices and many different varieties. I like to collect untreated natural loose gemstones and this is the only website I purchase from. All gemstones are highly detailed about information, state whether they are treated or not, county of origin. I highly recommend them.
Posted By Jake in January, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I love this site, the gems are of good quality. I learned about this site from Ms. Blue and use it to get quality crystals.
Posted By Chasitie in February, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I was afraid that the items wouldn’t arrive but they did a bit after the programed delivery date but it is incredible
Posted By Sara in August, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 8 star ratings
My true approval of this site will be dependent upon the swift arrival of my gems
Posted By MaNe in November, 2020
Source: Bizrate
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